Cómo comprobar qué versión de Android está en su Chromebook

android settings on a chromebook

Many Chromebooks can install Android apps from the Google Play Store, which is a handy feature. This is possible through a special Android layer on your Chrome OS device. So, which version of Android does it run? Let’s find out.

Chromebooks run Android apps in a layer that keeps them separated from the rest of the system. You can actually find a standard Android Settings menu if you know where to look. In these settings, you can also see which version of Android your Chromebook is running.

To get started, open the App Drawer on your Chromebook and click “Settings.”

open the app drawer and click settings

Scroll down to the “Apps” section, and then click the drop-down arrow next to “Google Play Store.”

scroll down to Apps and open the Play Store settings

Click the square arrow icon next to “Manage Android Preferences” to open the Android settings.

open Manage Android Settings

You’re now looking at the typical Settings menu you’ll find on an Android phone or tablet. Click “System.”

Select System

Next, click “About Device.”

Select About device

Here, you can see the version number of Android that’s running on your computer. As shown in the image below, our Chromebook is running Android 9 Pie.

Here you will see the Android version number

Typically, Chromebooks don’t receive Android version updates as often as Android phones or tablets because it’s unnecessary to run apps.

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