How to Turn Off Fake Eye Contact in FaceTime on iPhone

iOS Facetime Icon on Blue Background

On an iPhone XS or later running iOS 14 or higher, FaceTime digitally modifies your video feed so your eyes are always looking into the camera—even when they’re not. If you find the idea of digitally altered eyeballs unsettling, this feature is easy to turn off. Here’s how.

First, open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Tap the "Settings" icon on iPhone

In “Settings,” tap “FaceTime.”

In iPhone settings, tap "FaceTime."

In “FaceTime” settings, flip the switch beside “Eye Contact” to turn it off. This disables the fake “natural eye contact” feature.

In FaceTime settings, tap the "Eye Contact" switch to turn it off.

You can now leave the “Settings” app. The next time you use FaceTime, your pupils will be exactly where you’d expect them to be. Reality wins—for now. Have fun in your call!

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